Glacier hazards

Hazards related to glaciers are common in most glacierized high mountain areas in the world. Their impact on society, however, depends on the density of human structures and settlements in those regions. The Swiss Alps are particularly affected by glacier hazards due to the steep slopes and the proximity of installations and villages to glacial environments. Therefore, a large experience exists in Switzerland with treating such hazards. Important projects related to such problems have been completed in the past decades.
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The experience and data on glacier disasters in Switzerland has been systematically collected in the past two decades, and historical sources were analyzed. A digital database was developed comprising all documented catastrophic events related to glacier hazards in the Swiss Alps. The database is available online (german only). Information on its use, potential and limits of application is provided.
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The website and database is hosted by the Department of Geography, University of Zurich, in cooperation with snowflake productions. Both, the website and the online database on glacier hazard events, have been developed in a project supported by the Swiss National Science Foundation : AGREG (Analysis of glacier hazard potentials by knowledge-based remote sensing fusion for GIS-modeling).